Introduction Cases

What Neno1 System can do for car industry

Wet Paint Spray Booth


Painting process and wet paint spray booth

 Car painting consists of three phases such as under-cotating,primer-coating, and top-coating.
 The primer-coating and the top-coating are spraying paint mists over car-bodies.
 A large volume of water is used in them to capture oversprayed paint mists. Manual mainteinance and chemcal dosage keep the booth clean.

Accumulated paint solids and circulated water cause problems

  • (1)Increase maintenance cost(e.g. sludge tank, water channel, and water circulation pipe)
  • (2)Increase chemical cost(e.g. flotation agent, de-foaming agent, flocculant)
  • (3)Odor

Nano1 System's Effects

Then,the bubbles go along with the water circulation,realizing the following effects

  • Removal of build up paint mists ⇒ 1. Less Maintenance for Tank Cleaning
  • Increased flotation of paint mists in the sludge pool ⇒ 2. Less Chemical Usage
  • Decrease in the number of anaerobic bacteria ⇒ 3. Less Odor

Micro/Nano bubbles against paint solids

It is presumed that Micro/Nano bubbles evaporate the syner portion in paint compound ,getting paint solids less sticky.

Cost Saving by Nano1 System

The below is an example of a maintenance cost saving achieved by one NS-075 unti.

Natural Water Area


What Neno1 System can do for natural water

Dubai Creek water treatment demo

Transparency improved after 4 weeksNano1

A lake with Algae/AVS(Acid-Volatile Sufide) in Japan

Dead algae floating up

Scenedesmus opoliensis x 400
Microspora willeana x 1,000

Objective:Preventing algae growth and improving AVS value

Ease offensive odorImprove water quality

The Olympic Park (Seoul, Korea)

Waste water treatment of starch plant(Hokkaido, Japan)



Nano1 System

Micro/Nano Bubbles?

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