Micro/Nano Bubble?

What is "Mirco/Nano Bubble"?

"Micro/Nano Bubble" is a phrase combined "Micro Bubble" with "Nano bubble".
Micro Bubble is a fine bubble with 10μm - 100μm diameter.
Nano Bubble is a ultra fine bubble with less than 0.2μm diamter.
"Micro/Nano Bubble" has great probabilities in various fields. 

Longer Retention

In water, 1mm Bubbles rise @ 0.361 fps or 3,610 times faster than the Micro/Nano Bubbles which rise @ 0.0001 fps and remain in water for extended period. 


Promotes improved oxygenation efficiency for higher COD and BOD reduction

1 cubic mm volume of "Nano Bubbles" has 10,000 times greater surface area than 1 cubic mm of normal air bubbles.

Air Flotation Efficiency

Greater Volume of smaller bubbles achieves maximum separation of solids using flotation technology.


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Micro/Nano Bubbles?

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